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Default Burning oil

So I got my engine back in my 95 and fired it up for the first time today. The engine hadnít been ran in about 8 months so I made sure to pull the fuel relay and turn it over to build up some oil pressure, it started and had a horrible rocker noise which eventually quieted down after a little while. The timing was off and once I got it in the ball park I noticed it was burning a lot of oil out of the exhaust and I had a lot of smoke coming up out of the pcv valve I had unplugged. I know it sounds sorta like worn rings, but Iíve also thought that maybe it just needs to be ran a little and the engine rings and seals sorta settle back in. Any suggestions?
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Run it a little. Could be oil that has wept I to the cylinders that would be burned off by normal combustion but since you used the starter to turn it over it just collected. It is normal for a tiny bit of oil to be burned by internal combustion motors. Should never burn enough to see it on the dip stick.

Smoke out the PCV hole could be moisture burning off since it sat for a while. Run it, keep an eye on it for a little while. I wouldn't run it hard until I'm sure there is no problems.
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