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Scott Turchin
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Well it's been two plus years since I've done this mod and I wouldn't have it any other way. Don't bark the tires, easy as pie, but if you MUST you can. I got stuck with my 32's on the other day (See head gasket thread), NOT having this mod allowed me to rock out in 4 LOW.
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Default Please advise on union size

Can anyone advise on what size I need for a 1996 Nissan Pickup 4WD V6, engine VG30. I'm up in Canada. Seems like I almost need a 3/16 but I know everything's in metric.

Originally Posted by Tally HB View Post
To bypass this thing you will need a metric union with inverted flare on both ends. It is a 10mm x 1.00 Metric Inverted Flare union. They are in the brake hydraulic section and may be behind their counter or back in the parts storage area.

Here is the part you will need and it is available at nearly any auto parts store. Mine came From Advance Auto Parts and was just over $2.50.

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