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My ecu will be here today. How did it run? Any hints that I might wanna know? Thanks again.
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Idk I didn't run it. My buddie ordered it plugged it in and started the truck with his 550cc injectors and rb25det maf said his tach and everthing worked. I just got done unsoldering the stock chip and soldering in a new zif socket for him like a half hour ago. I'll post back since his shit isn't a stock setup. He's going for boost so we'll tune good na first and go from there. His trucks a 95 if it makes a difference.
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Originally Posted by JsD21HB View Post
What you will need:
240sx intake manifold and ALL sensors including MAF
Both 240sx and Truck wiring diagrams,vacuum diagrams, and pin voltage

Installing 240sx intake

4.) Cut Idle Air Control valve harness of the truck before the IACV, FICD and connector.

5.) Solder the spare injector connectors to truck connector extend the leads about 18"s.

6.) After soldering connect the corresponding connectors to the IACV and the FICD. and hit ( Bang out the firewall in the corresponding location so the the two don't hit the firewall making it impossible to connect the ficd)

8.) Crack P/S line loose

13.) Route vacuum lines to the Carbon Canister and the FPR.
also if you left SCV then also hook up the vacuum solenoid
and vacuum canister.
14.) Drill 2 holes in the 90* bend and thread in the two hose barbs for the Valve cover vent and the IACV tubes.
(Make sure both are securely fastened with hose clamps don't want any vacuum leaks.)

Well after my hospital stay and 1000 things that have been on the back burner needing to get done, the daily wasn't a priority since I have another vehicle to drive. I was just surfing the web and bam, complete 240sx intake for sale with sensors. I had looked before but never found anything close until then. I will totally admit I went in this head first with my eyes closed but know the end result is possible.

Currently the daily runs like crap, idle fluctuates, idle is not very smooth, and randomly runs on 3 cylinders instead of 4. Figured as long as I am going to stick my head under the hood I might as well modify something. I am mainly doing this for looks and to simplify a few things under the hood. I am going to guess 95% of my emissions hoses are dry rotted and leaking causing all sorts of problems.

I have a 1990 4 cylinder 2wd 5sp. The only bells and whistles it has are A/C and a radio. I don't have power steering, makes note #8 easy for me. The donor is a 1990 240SX with a 5sp.

All I was able to get was the intake (upper and lower) with all the attached sensors and the MAF. I did not get the support bracket or the engine harness for the 240. Technically I have everything that was "needed" but know I at least need the support bracket. From all the horror stories I have heard about trying to get to the bolts would I be better off making a bracket? Based on notes 4, 5, and 6 I have a really strong feeling I need the cars engine harness, looks to be mainly just for the connectors though. Wires must be the same but the connector is different is my guess. Other than the connectors being different the other changes are to extend the injector wires around 18" and rewire the MAF.

Next for note 13, is this just mainly for emissions or did I miss something (the brake booster and FPR is the only things that are not emissions related stuff that comes to mind). Note 14, this is the only swap comment I have seen you needed to drill holes for something. Is this done after the MAF and before the throttle body (90* bend throws me off, I am going to assume this is talking about the intake "piping").

I will probably be a lazy bastard and get the IACV remote mounting kit if I can find one. If my truck ECU hates the swap I might try a Stanza ECU just incase I would like to add a tach.

Any conformations of my assessments or answers and suggestions I am all ears.
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