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Default Regarding Torsion Bars

Wassup Nissan Fans. I have a question regarding my drop. I lowered the front using torsion bars and they are maxed out but I notice that the right side didn't even go down. So right now the left side is lower than the right and I can see the negative camber on the left tire. But on the right side it has a positive camber and is eating the tires on the outside. What can it be? A bushing or joint? Upper arm? Thanks.
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It could be a number of things...

Depending on how new the T-bar(s) might be, over time they sag. If one is newer than the other, it could cause this.

Also, you can get more adjustment out of the T-bars by re-indexing them. If someone had already done that, and not done it evenly I feel it could also cause this.

Video on re-indexing torsion bars = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5wP1b7w-rU

Messing with the T-bar adjustment will mess up alignment.

If you are questioning the bushings, bearings, joints, etc. it's worth jacking up the front end and wiggling wheels around to see if there is play in any of the components.
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