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Default Absolutely have to do ball joints/bushings/shocks. What else?

Going to start ordering parts soon. Couple questions.

Do you guys recommend trying to get the upper ball joints out of the control arm, or replace the whole thing? Any tips tricks or things to look out for that yall have run into? Recommended brands?

I plan to do the joints and bushings and shocks at the same time. Anything else I should do while Im there? Recently did brakes so they should be fine.
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The upper ball joints are a snap, they just bolt right into the upper control arm. No need to replace it. I haven't done the bushings yet so I couldn't tell you. The shocks are also a piece of cake - I think it took me 45 minutes to do all 4 of them. I believe the lower control arm bushings are inside the crossmember the lower control arm bolts to and are kind of a pain to do. For the lower ball joints a ball joint press tool doesn't work well for removing them but works just fine for installing the new ones. To get the old ones out I removed the snap rings and hit them with a BFH a couple times. It's also a good idea to replace the stabilizer bar links, they are easy and cheap.
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brakes and brake lines, inspect rotors, repack the bearings....all that stuff has to come off to do the ball joints and bushings anyways, so you might as well give the calipers a good cleaning and inspection as well. check the tie rods, idler arm and center link. also check the bushings on the front strut rods.
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Bushings can be time consuming. The OEM lower control arm bushings need to be pressed out and in, or you can go with Energy Suspension poly bushings which I use and like. The upper bushings are done with the upper arm off. You will be drilling out the rubber in many spots then sliding the upper arm off the spindle. I will be doing my bushings really soon and will be shooting a video about the process for my youtube channel.
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Thanks guys! The way I have to work on my truck sucks. I can’t do it at home as I live in an apartment with tiny little parking spaces. Have to do it at work, which means I can only work nights and weekends, and sense it’s my only ride, once I start, I can’t go home till it’s done lol.
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I just did a complete refresh on my suspension. Looks like yours is 2WD?

Your big issue will be the control arm bushings, those are friggin nightmare.

My buddy built a sled like thing, mounted a 12 ton hydraulic (floor jack) in it, fitted some pipes and we pressed them in using a lot of anti-seize as lubricant. All but one were an issue. It still took 2 days (part time).

Lessons learned from me:
NAPA uses Mogue parts, but order Mogue online and it will take a couple of weeks to get.

Paint everything before you put it on, tape and paint. For whatever reason Mogue and NAPA are not painting the parts and they will surface rust.

The Idler arm, get an ATM - spend the money or regret it, paint it also.
Center steering bar - may as well replace it while youi have tie rods off, make sure you order the right part LOL, I spent $100 on a non returnable part and gave it away for $20 to a local Nissan guy.
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