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I read somewhere that the VG33ER had different sized pistons. So that being said I should technically be able to get the engine running and if i grab the harness and ecu from The xterra.

I really do want to make the supercharger work, I just have to figure out the hood situation
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That guy what does stuff.
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Fronty/x's have tougher blocks, sliiiiightly different pistons, and different ecus and injectors, as well as the intake to throttle body parts. TBs are identical as far as I've been able to tell.

Things to note, mph with these is terrible. 11-14, depending on how heavy your foot is. RELOCATE THE KNOCK SENSOR. Cannot stress this enough. Auto trannys from the SC models shift a little above 2K. Not sure if that matters to you. These things run quad cats and the ecu will put you in limp mode if it doesn't have the right o2sensor feeds. (Ask me how I know, Heh.) 15 gallons of gas gets me roughly 200ish miles.

MUST USE PREMIUM FUEL. Using regular WILL cause detonation and eventually kill the engine.

That's said, my 95mph top end aside, this thing can keep up with an m4 with ease, and those are twin turbo with twice the hp. And it beats them to that speed cap with 4we gear ratios to boot.

Good luck.
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