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Default Bedliner.

Got a Nissan branded bedliner, the kind with the slots for the 2x4 so you can make a flat platform above the wheel wells. It covers the bed rails and has a tail gate cover. Dealer installed option I believe, been in it since my mother in law bought the truck. I kind of wanna get rid of it though. Is it worth anything? Should I make room for it in the rafters and hold on to it? Chuck it in the trash?
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I shitcanned my nissan drop in bed liner. The big mistake some places made was not removing the front bed floor plugs. Then the bed rusts to hell and back due to the water not draining. I had to cut mine in half to get it out.
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My 1998 and 2004 both have Nissan bed liners, assume that dealers installed them to "force" buyers to spend more. However, I'm in Arizona so rust rare here, but I've never looked under the liners.
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my bedliner has made my bed nearly like new still. I take it out every few years to clean out the leaves from under it.
it makes cleaning the bed for camping trips much easier too. I usually park slanted up hill when I can so water drains out of it.
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RAFTERS, if you dont want it, and its a Nissan brand bedliner. If you ever want to sale the truck, ylu can offer the bedliner as a "free" add on, just " throw it in if you buy it" type of deal.
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If on the fence about keeping it, just toss it. No one is going to buy it. Why bother storing it. The end result will most likely be the trash. Where I live in upstate NY, bed liners are either in trucks or you see them at steep hills for snow sledding. They work quite well for a 10 person sled! Fast as hell! Most just leave them at the hill when done. Eventually, the town comes and gets rid of it.
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