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Default Replacing Jumper seat with Sub

Not the biggest and best system but for those who want some more kick to their sound its a good upgrade without taking up behind seat space for all your jackets tools and replacement parts. Plus you can still make your friend who you know wont fit ride on the other side. Pics to follow.

Jumpers seats for those that don't know what I'm talking about are the rear fold out mini seats in the back of the extended cab trucks.

Started off by getting a Rockville 10" sub. They run about $125ish after tax, has an amplifier built in. (you can find other ones or make your own this was just the simplest.) "10' 800w Slim Low Profile Powered Car Subwoofer Sub For 1987-2006 Jeep Wrangler.

Removed the jumper seat entirely and basically cut the back rest off and removed all the padding off the bottom.

I removed the face place from the sub and lined it up on the back of the seat to get rough measurements for cutting out the middle for the actual sub. traced the bolt pattern from the face plate to the seats and drilled the holes.

you my need longer screws to have a good fit you might have to get longer screws for the face plate, and tread lock so they don't rattle out.

Be sure to test fit as you go and reinstall.

you can run the amp with the wires on the bottom(harder to make adjustments but wire slack is nice and looks cleaner.) Or mount with wires up(easy to make adjustments but you need a good bit of slack.

run the wires tucked under the plastic or where ever you want to your radio and done.
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Please post pics. I'm very much wanting to do this.
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