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I hate those things. Whenever possible I cut the end off the hose and put it back on with a regular hose clamp.
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Originally Posted by SBJ View Post
Weird... you'd think they'd all be the same since they are all built on the same platform. Then again GM loves to pull weird shit like that.
We have a 2005 Yukon Denali. There seems to be multiple parts/numbers for whatever exists. The four doors each has a specific reflector rather than using one for all four and just flipping it. Plus their plastic is brittle so these can break just pushing them in, need more flexible "tang".

Last year the factory radiator plastic end exploded, understand, 200K miles on it. A few months later the plastic quick-disconnect at the firewall broke on the road, don't know why GM couldn't just use a regular heater hose and a regular hose clamp there. Anyway, at least those two "experiences" did not cause engine damage, something caused an engine warning/shut-off.

I've never done spark plugs on that, but I did replace the AC compressor a couple of years ago. Fortunately, that was designed with a separate small belt different than the big serpentine belt, I liked that.

Water pump on that Denali wasn't too bad except when I took the leaky water pump in to CarQuest, guy brought one out that matched perfectly, $119. I "joked" that GM seemed to have multiple parts, and he said that Denali had different water pump, different part number, and brought that out too, same price. All three looked identical, couldn't see ANY difference in the Denali part. Anyway, that WP went out maybe 60K later while I was in a small town on a Friday and CarQuest 25 miles away could not get one for a few days, bought a new WP from O'Reilly and installed that, later took bad WP to CarQuest for free replacement, turned that in at O'Reilly for refund. So I think my lifetime warranty on that is still through CarQuest.

I think all vehicles have some stuff that's easy, some stuff difficult. And all have their strong points and weak points.
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