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I still need to reinstall the skid plate on my truck.

These Audi lights are giving me more grey hair. Got one mostly finished. It's got something like 12 hours into it alone at this point. I still need to wire in the demon eye and figure out how the hell to mount the ballast for the H1 bulb. Hopefully these lights will keep up with the ones in my truck. By far the most difficult headlight retrofit I've ever done and I haven't even needed to cut anything yet!
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sorry guys, her Lexus ECM died. Spent the last two days resurrecting the spare car....the second generation 1988 camry. Im tires of these “rebuilt” ecms.

Anyways, the clutch relay has been removed and tested, this is the third ignition switch. New starter. New starter wire harness. New battery cables. The only thing i have not replaced is the starter relay. I had a spare one. I guess it is possible it is also bad.

I suppose i will find the cause some day, but as long as i have my solenoid jump wire connected to a button inside, it will start.
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I will post up the complete list of LED conversion for bulbs...although I may skip the turn signals for now. But I won't do that until I can verify everything works and do pictures.

Superled...they need to update their website occasionally. They carry the bulbs that fit, but sometimes for individual models they don't list the ones that fit a particular application. They will have a list for you depending on your model and year, etc. but will skip certain sections, like instrument lights for example.

But then you look at their general list of bulbs...and you can see plainly they carry the right ones. I suggested they get their IT guys to update the models if they want more sales. Some customers might assume they don't carry the proper bulb for a particular app, when customers use their model/year search function...when in reality they DO.

LED conversions are out of infancy, but most companies still haven't finished tweaking their sales websites. LED conversions are still in a sort of transition phase. If Superled updated their 'what's available for YOUR truck' entries, they would double their sales. I bet a lot of potential customers get to a page and just figure Superled doesn't cover their model...when in reality they carry most everything that fits.

For flasher LED units, the one below is the most likely for Japanese, but you should scroll down and compare the number on YOUR flasher unit to the list before ordering. It is ten bucks.

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