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Default Timing Issue(Need help)

So I pulled my engine and did a rebuild on it. When I got to the timing set I noticed the chain was really tight without the pin pulled on the tensioner. Is this normal? When I started the engine theres a knock that wont go away and I'm wondering if it's the timing chain being so tight. I dont see how I could be knocking with fresh bearings in the motor. Anyone else have this problem in the past?
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Not doubting your mechanical knowledge, I just don't know the extent of it. Are you certain the chain was the correct one? It wasn't loose on the side opposite the tensioner I assume... Was the crank in spec and polished, bearings matched? Did you fill the oil pump with fresh oil before assembly and crank it over until oil came up to the cam before starting it?

Not trying to poke at you, just getting info. Seems like there could be two different issues going on here. I would think on a fresh build that if there was a serious enough problem with the timing to cause noise like that, it would run like shiot. Perhaps the chain was bound in some strange way and damaged the guide on startup?

I mention the crank journals with matched bearings because I just did a rebuild on mine too, which needed some for reals crank work (I had to send it off to a crank rebuilder to salvage it). Nissan used different "grade" bearings (varying ever so slightly in size according to the grade - also not sure if that's the right word to use here...) so I opted to have the rebuilder match my bearings to the crank. I don't know how critical that was, but I didn't want to have any issues after all the time and money invested. Maybe somebody else can weigh in on that.
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