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as a retired GM mechanic of 40 yrs.i drive Nissans .,when i started at the GM dealer in 78 i had a 69 Datson with a 283-powerglide. in early 80s they got a Diesal Datson on trade. i bought that .in the next 40 yrs i bought about 15 more from them. never a Chev.till a 99 in 2006. have bought and sold a dozen or so D21s. there great to work on. Dont reply on dealer to fix your Nissan..learn to do it yourself.
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Originally Posted by OldGreyBeast View Post
If it's running really rich you might want to make sure the valve that richens the mixture when cold isn't stuck. I disconnected that thing on mine (I live in the south anyway) because it was making mine run rich. It doesn't like cranking when it's below 45F or so without it, but once it's warm it's happy as a lark.

Check the "hot air pickup control" thing in this thread.
The hot air tube stuff doesn't do squat. Might help you warm up a little quicker but that's it. Been running without mine for years and in sub zero temps.
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I am a mechanic, and this urks, me. no dealer that is suppose to be the experts on a brand of vehicle should ever turn down work. if i where you, i would call Nissan customer service and complain, that dealership would then get a very stern phone call, more then likely the next time you roll in, they wont be so willing to turn you away. but yea, working on these older nissans yourself can be a great experience to have. the sense of satisfaction is great.
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If it runs fine but is running rich then it could be one of two things. Ether the air temp sensor is bad or the wires are ripped out or broken. This has two smal screws that attach the sensor under the air cleaner on the passenger side of truck. The other item to look at is the o2 sensor. If it has a white ashy look to it, it’s fine. If sooty black, it’s bad.
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Go to independent ASE mechanic shop.
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The shop I go to is where my truck is parked where I work and it is really convenient, branded as a radiator change over shop but they will fix anything. The owner of the business was also a mechanic at a Nissan dealership for quite awhile so it all works out.

But as everyone is saying, if you feel comfortable turning a wrench just look up some diy videos and get it done yourself, saving money and learning a thing or two while your at it. Tools don't cost that much!
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