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"LS also requires reworking the fuel system and a $$$ standalone harness if you can't DIY an OE harness (which you probably can if you can handle swapping a v8 in)."

You can buy the complete wiring harnesses for about $150-200. The computers can be had at most salvage yards for $50.00. I recently bought a complete engine/transmission harness, and PCM for $250 locally. If you don't want to open up the harness to remove the wiring you don't need, you can just wrap it up and use a factory harness *as is*. Most people want to move the computer so that entails lengthening all the wires, and they also want to remove all the connectors they will not be using such as those for emissions, and the after-cat O2 sensors. Not difficult to do if you have the inclination and/or time.

Having just wired, or re-wired, the entire engine bay to get my Gen 1 to work, I don't think there really would be much difference between putting a Gen 1, or LSX, into the vehicle.

Regardless, in my personal opinion, either way you go-be it LSX, or Gen 1, you are headed in the right direction!

You did not mention what engine you are replacing.... Did it have the 4 banger, or the EVEN-SLOWER 3.NO!
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