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Cool Grant Steering Wheel on truck w/ Airbag

I'm working on putting a Grant wheel on my 96 HB, until I do the tilt swap with an earlier column, what it everybody doing to get their horn to work? I've searched but came up empty
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There should be a wire hookup for the horn still I would think? I have an earlier truck that had no airbag, but used a grant wheel and adapter. Grant has a spring loaded button that will only sound the horn when it touches the button to the inner "ring" if that makes sense. But they hook up to the factory wire. It's been a while so I'm not 100% sure, but the adapter set that fits a D21 might have the parts to hook up the the horn with it
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Well...if nothing else works, you could tap into the power lead for the horn and install a fat push-button switch for the horn on the dashboard.

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Hell, you could even go fancy with a LIGHTED switch. If you can believe THIS, I once had a switch on another hardbody that activated the tail and license plate lights. LOL so many bypasses on that truck to the dash you would think you were driving the frickin Batmobile.

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Post a pic of the back of the hub. Some aftermarket steering wheel bosses have a contact ring rather than the space for the clockspring and a pass through for the lead. If this is the case with the Grant hub you'll either have to modify it or convert to a contact for the slip ring.
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