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Some observations:
Skinny is correct about the actual function of the EGR. It is supposed to cool incoming ambient air into the system (beleive it or not). This also prevents ping (detonation).
In a fuel injection system, the 02 sensor sends a signal to the ECU to richen or lean out the actual fuel being metered by the injector(s). The ECU controls the EGR by opening/closing it based on what the 02 sensor reports back to the ECU.
Removing the EGR will generally (although not always) light off the check engine light because the exhaust gas does not have enough oxygen in it (meaning rich or unburnt fuel).
The EGR opens, allowing recycled gasses into the intake to reduce oxides of nitrogen.
Maybe this will help:

Confucius say: Man with EGR breathe good...
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I'm trying to remove the carbon canisters from my setup. Is there a way to do that and not disrupt the system? I own a 1991 Hardbody.
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What motor u got?
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