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Default Exhaust leaks

So last week I was listening to the rumble of that 4 banger while I was driving home from wasting time in the middle of the night, slammed on the throttle and I couldn't help but notice it sounds like air pissing from under the cab of my truck.

Well yesterday while at work, lift my truck with it running and I could hear a slight leak coming from the manifold. I pulled the heat shield and sure enough, 2 fasteners were missing off the manifold on the 2 rear exhaust ports. Definitely explains the extra fuel consumption.

So before I guy buying a whole bunch of crap, I can get the exhaust manifold gaskets here in town, but what about the manifold hardware. Is the thread pitch roughly the same? And the nut for the EGR tube, if I'm not mistaken that's a 30MIL right?

I plan on doing this next Saturday at work since my boss will be off, and well my condenser comes in Tuesday also. So I'm going to do all the work I can Saturday, while on the clock ... it's nice to get paid to work on your own vehicle and your boss doesn't care.
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I'm not sure on the 4cyl but it is likely a m8x1.0.

As for gaskets, I highly recommend remflex. Been using them in my rig with excellent results.
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