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Default General Posting Guidelines

General Posting Guidelines

I just want to take a minute to outline some general things to help everyone on the forums. Some of you are veterans, but others are new to this forum thing.

1. The search- We discuss a lot of topics here. The search is here to help you find some of those old gems. The key is knowing what key words to search for. Try to be as specific as you can for choosing your keywords, and you might even want to use the advanced search and check the titles only box. If you just don’t know what to search for, make a thread and we will point you in the right direction.

At no time is it appropriate to tell someone to just “use the search.” That is not helping!!! Tell them what keywords to search for, or even be nice enough to link them to the correct thread.

2. Thread titles- Using the right title will help you get your questions answered quickly and correctly (posting in the right forum helps too). When I get online and check the new posts, I skim through a couple pages because I don’t have enough time to read every post. If I see a thread title that I might know something about, I stop in and read it. If I have something to add, Ill make a post. So be specific. If your question is about bags, put bags in the title. If your question is about a motor, put that in the title. “I need help” is too vague so is likely to be skipped by most of the population.

3. Grammar- This isn’t English class, but we do need to be able to understand you. So try to use punctuation so we know when a sentence ends. Don’t be afraid to hit enter a couple times to make a new paragraph when you change subjects. And questions start looking like statements if they don’t have question marks at the end.

Also, we don’t mind abbreviations for things such as Lower Control Arm (LCA) but some things don’t need to be abbreviated. Im fine with certain texting shortcuts such as “lol” but words like “this” should not be abbreviated with “dis” or “dat” or “ur” or “wit” or “da” or “plz”. Go ahead, use these terms and see how few people read and respond to your thread.

Don’t type in all caps, use l33t speak, or alternate upper and lower case. We will just look at you like you are stupid and move on.

4. Multiposting or Cross Posting- Don’t do it. Posting the same topic twice will not get you twice the responses. If you aren’t sure which area to post in, just pick one. A lot of people use the “new post” link which shows all the new posts regardless of their origin. We will read your post and you will get some feedback. Just be patient. Sometimes it takes a day or two for someone to have the answer to your question.

5. Criticism
- If you make a post asking for advice or showing off, expect to hear both the good and bad. Be prepared for someone to not like what you are doing, or suggest a better way to do things. Be able to accept that.

When giving criticism, please be considerate and use your words carefully. There is a big difference between “that truck is a fucking hack job” and “it needs some work”. If you don’t have anything constructive to say, keep your mouth shut. You should be here to give advice, not piss in people’s cereal.
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Dammn scott is right about this pay attention people
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