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Default Light issue need ideas

Ok when I turn my headlights on they work perfectly but my dash lights and brake lights don't come on. The brake lights work fine when I hit the pedal though. I noticed my CD Player detachable face just blinks constantly never coming on when I turn my headlights on, too.

I just replaced the headlight switch, new led headlights, and new bulbs everywhere but the dash. Yesterday morning had the same issue but the right smack to the dash and everything started working fine.

From what I see with the CD Player blinking when using the headlights. I believe PO must have done bad wiring job or CD Player has burnt out it is an older unit.

Any help if anyone has ever ran across a similar issue just as maybe things to check while in the dash would be helpful Thanks.
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Originally Posted by LowMater86 View Post
Ok when I turn my headlights on they work perfectly but my dash lights and brake lights don't come on. The brake lights work fine when I hit the pedal though.

I think you mean tail lights above since you say brake lights work when you step on the pedal. Dash cluster illumination and tail light/marker light circuit are designed/tied in together, so a driver gets "warned" that the tail light circuit isn't working. Typically, a bad headlight switch is the reason.

I had same on my 1988 Mazda truck, and installing a new headlight switch fixed it.
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Where exactly are you smacking the dash?
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Check that radio wiring and the dimmer.
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