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Default Because Headers...

Aug 4, 2014. For anyone wanting to put headers on a VG30i. Yes, VG30e headers do fit with no isses. My y-pipe did not have the right shape and the emissions bungs are in a different spot. Plug the emissions or re-run the lines.

I intend for this to be a short little thread on my header install and process. This is the biggest project I have taken on with a car to date. Should be fun and a good learning process.

Background Info:

I have an 86.5 VG30i powered 4x4 hardbody. It developed an exhaust leak quite a while back. I recently found that the last exhaust stud on the passenger side had broken and to my amazement the bolt, washer and stud piece were all under the manifold shield when I took it off to inspect it and look for a leak. Just shows you how hard I drive my rig.... not very hard.


The only headers that are CARB approved and direct fit to the VG30i are some $500 Doug Thorleys through 4x4parts. The headers I bought are made by Pacesetter and were much cheaper. The only problem, they are for the VG30e. Through several sources, ruggedrocks, various forums and 4x4parts, I have found the VG30e headers will bolt to the VG30i head no issues as they are the same. Possible problems are fitment later down the line with chassis and body clearances. We shall see. The EGR and AIV bungs are also not in the same location, they are further forward.

The PS kit comes with all the needed gaskets, a couple cheapo clamps for header to Y pipe and a Y pipe.

These are the ones I got:

Amazon had them for under $200 shipped. They are now $225 shipped.

Plan of Attack:

-Open box and droll on them.
-Sand blast headers but not Y pipe.
-Paint headers with a real paint not the shipping paint PS puts on them. Paint safe for 2000F should do it.
-Cook the paint on. Probably going to use a BBQ for this.
-Install on truck. Will probably remove the AIV and EGR.
-Giggle in delight about headers on a Nissan mini truck.

The Build:

So far I have gotten a pretty box.

Proceeded to pull everything out, drool on it and then run out to the barn. Set up the sand blaster and took off all the shipping paint. The sand blaster gave them a very weird texture, almost like holding sand on your hand. Got the passenger side stripped of black shipping paint. My OCD couldnt let them sit overnight with no paint so I get the paint out. It is a VHT 2000F paint.

Terrible photo but I didnt want to stir up dust by walking around and it was roughly 10PM at night.

More to come!
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