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I'm starting to experience an AC issue I'm exploring on my 1998 Frontier, 240K, AC is all-original except for a high pressure line replacement 2 years ago due to a pinhole developed on a 119F record day. This vehicle always had great AC even in Arizona summers. I have a dash light in this wired in parallel to the AC compressor, so I can visualize when there is voltage to the compressor (can't remember why I actually installed this light, but I had done same on my 1988 Mazda truck). Anyway, last couple of days I noticed that AC would blow very cold as I've always experienced, then would start coming in warmer, and this was at highway speeds; the dash light stayed on during all this, so my suspicion is that the AC clutch might be slipping or disengaging at times then re-engaging without me doing anything. I was using aftermarket cruise control during much of this that is vacuum-operated, but don't think anything AC-related on this utilizes engine vacuum. I have now put a thermometer into the vent and will get some actual numbers, and also try to pull over and quickly take a look-see when this happens again. I think that the issue will get worse though, and not like I'm uncomfortable in this, as it happened like 6 times during a 90 minute drive.

Last September, the AC compressor seized in my 2004 Frontier, and I installed a brand-new one; that Frontier has the same compressor, and I still have it and its working AC clutch if needed in the future. I don't know if these DKV14C compressors have a thin shim that can be removed or not. So I guess I'll just gather more data, and expect that as the issue occurs more often then it will be easier to troubleshoot.

Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks !!!
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