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Originally Posted by fj1289 View Post
Picked up the engine (with accessories and manifolds) and front and rear diffs from a 03 Xterra for use in my 95 4x4 pickup. Was a clean one owner, apparently serviced at the dealer, 147,000 miles. Totaled out in Feb - looked like it slid under something on an icy road - nice junk yard find! Diffs are 4.90s just need to get spring perches welded to the top of the axle for the truck (Xterras are spring under axle).

Also pulled heads off a 94 pickup to use the cams and lifters out of. That truck only had 165,000 miles, but the engine had a Nissan Authorized Refurbished tag behind the right head.

All totaled $560 out the door with extended warranties (7 months). Time to start wrenching!
My Florida LKQ would have changed me 560 for the diffs alone
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Well Dorian never came to my house, so I was able to go to the local JY. Got a bunch of "woodgrain" accent pieces from an LE, for the interior of my Corolla CE. It came with gray interior. I got the black door panels from a Corolla S and now the woodgrain accents. And I scored gray Bucket seats and gray door panels for my D21. Currently rocking a tan bench, no headrests, no drivers cushioning, and ply wood door panels. Once I figure out how to post pics, I will document the change over.
Curious : My truck is Scab and the seats came out of a ExCab, will I need Scab tracks for my seats to work?
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