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Default FS5W71c Transmission

Let me start by saying I Am Not A Mechanic. Honestly I know very little about mechanic work. First I thought my throw out bearing was going out so I had someone put in a new one as well as clutch. Seems that isn't the issue. A friend of mine who does work on vehicles told me it sounds more like the input shaft(?) or bearing. If that is the case I figured it's probably just as easy to replace the entire transmission. With that being said from what I can see by hunting around on the net is that the FS5W71c was used in several different Nissans. Could anyone tell me what other vehicles so I can find one to swap it with. Seems there aren't that many 95 4x4's in the junkyards around here. I really like my truck and don't want to let it go. I have a 1995 4 cylinder XE truck with 306000 miles on it. Any help would be great. Also I got the info for it being a FS5W71c by calling a Nissan dealer and they used the vin# to find that out. Thanks a million !!!
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may want to ask your friend about replacing the brg, might be cheaper
take a peek in the "hardbody" section"rebuilding FS5W71C", brandonodo18 might be able to help..

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Replacing the input shaft bearing is an easy enough task if you know how to take things apart and put them back together , couple bolts that hold on the front cover, a snap ring and then the bolts in the center to hold the bellhousing on .. once its off and the snap ring is out with an air hammer she comes right off.. had the pleasure of doing mine a few times lol
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