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Default Leaving hubs locked in "all the time"

So I have a 1994 hardbody 4x4, and I always keep my hubs locked 24/7 and I drive a lot. I always keep it like that so I don't have to get out just to go into four wheel drive for 5 minutes. Let me know if it's okay or it'll be a problem in the future or anything. Thanks.
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I've done it, it will give you more body and steering wheel vibration while driving. It will also burn more gas, and wear out your front end parts A LOT faster, like steering, u-joints, brakes, tires, etc.
Is it really that much effort to get in and out for the money you save on gas and parts? well that's up to yourself, but it doesn't technically harm anything unless you have a front locking differential (which you wouldn't). Can it be a pain in the ass, yeah. But to me it's far more beneficial to have them unlocked on the street (I have a locking front diff)
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i unlock em when not in use for the reasons listed above.....getting out to lock em in also gives me bit better look of what i am about to get into. Some times that is the differance of getting through or not.
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I wouldn't leave them locked in all the time. Will cause un necessary wear on the components, You can always lock them in before you might need them, to avoid having to get out when it's a too late moment. But there is plenty of time from being on the road to going off road to just get out and lock the hubs.
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I replaced the CV axles on my 1986 D21. The auto-locking hub parts looked very worn and when it was back together, the 4wd did not work. The truck is only used on the farm and back roads, I am constantly shifting in and out of 4wd. Is there a way I can permanently lock in the hubs using the original automatic hubs? I don't need to ever unlock the hubs.

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you waste gas, you should technically just drive 10 miles a month to keep them lubricated.
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I wedged my automatic hubs so they remain locked-in. I did this by removing the spring from the inner working of the hub after first removing the spring ring holding it into the hub. I placed medal spacers so that they held the gear in a position that would always be meshing with the hub. Then replaced the gears and spring clip into the hub. Seems to work fine on a short test. Time will tell, and the hubs needed replaced anyway. This vehicle may go days on the ranch without being shifted out of first, so the mileage thing really doesn't matter very much. I don't understand the concern about lubrication??
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They say you should enable the hubs once a month for 10 miles or so to lubricate the hubs, since they get more grease when they are engaged. I don't always do it, unless it's raining - I always do it on wet pavement, not dry Just a thing left over from the early 80's
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