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Originally Posted by h.stickeye View Post
Has it been hauling that load its whole life. If so, rebuild sounds likely
If you go the rebuild route, maybe a shift kit install at the same time?

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Originally Posted by zipzap8 View Post
It's an automatic (E4N71B). I feel like this issue wouldn't exist if it was a manual. I have occasionally put the gear selector into 2nd gear when needed and that gives me a much broader band of power response from the pedal. (Except going 45 mph in 2nd gear is horrible for the engine). Last time I took it on a trip with long hills and a bunch of cars up my ass, I shifted into 2nd and it was pretty responsive. I just realized that might be a clue to this issue. The sluggishness feels just like it would if I shifted into 4th gear way too early on a manual and had no acceleration. This is the transmission with 3 speeds and the overdrive button.
I was looking on another person's thread, and they were asking about how to check the vacuum on the automatic, so I looked into the 1989 FSM and found the following chart.

There are a few items there that you could look into:
  • Almost no shock or slipping in change from "3rd" to "4th".
  • Maximum speed not attained. Acceleration poor.
  • Kickdown does not operate when depressing pedal in "4th" within kickdown vehicle speed.
  • Shift pattern does not change.

Do you have that Service Manual? If not, right-click the link below and save it to your PC:

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