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Originally Posted by jp2code View Post
Holy crap! HandsOn and FM, those are certainly some extreme calculators!

The cool thing about these Fiddle sites:
  1. You can make whatever changes you want to the code on the screen. When you exit, it will ask if you want to save your changes. If you answer YES, it will branch off the original code and make a copy based on your changes ...and give you a slightly different URL.
  2. You do not need a compiler to make it run. It should run on the screen.
I'm not always online. I'm more familiar with visual studio though. Used it for a few years writing C++. Simple programe.
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Some of you have mentioned in another thread that the numbers are off for your vehicles.

Does anyone see what needs to be changed in the calculation?

private const int INCHES_PER_MILE = 63360;
private const int MINUTES_PER_HOUR = 60;
public static double CalculateMPH(int revolutionsPerMinute, double tireHeightInInches, double axleRatio)
  double result = 0;
  if ((0 < revolutionsPerMinute) && (0 < tireHeightInInches) && (0 < axleRatio))
    double tireHeightToMilesAround = Math.PI * tireHeightInInches / INCHES_PER_MILE;
    double revolutionsPerHour = MINUTES_PER_HOUR * revolutionsPerMinute;
    result = tireHeightToMilesAround * revolutionsPerHour / axleRatio;
return result;
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