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Default Hardbody trans horsepower rating?

Hey all,

I have used the search function with no luck to find out what the max hp level for the transmission and rear end in a 96 d21. That stupid search function always gives me grief and says "no matches". No matter the words and combinations I use.

What kinds power can you run through the stock trans and rear end before you start breaking parts? I am looking to doing a turbo conversion with the stock motor. Have any good links for me?

Thanks in advance

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Probably a lot more than you think. I know the V6 tranny is found behind the twin turbo 300ZX.

I dont think there are any solid numbers known for HP ratings on the tranny in any of the HB trucks. At least I've never see them. As long as you dont get too stupid on your HP numbers you should be fine.
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I'm sure the limits of the trans have been tested in S13s. Will probably find some testimonials of how much folks have run through them. Not sure how closely related the rear ends are. Maybe they share internals, but I don't know. S13s have IRS.
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most transmissions are rated at torque capability. not sure of the number for the Nissan but I would imagine it to be at or just under 200 ft lbs.by the size of the input shaft and clutch
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its more the spline count than the diameter of the input shaft.

but remember its a torque multiplier so you gotta account for that on the secondary shaft.

i doubt you will grenade a transmission. most of that comes about when the rear tires stick, and all the force goes right into the tooth roots on the gears.
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Cant speak to trans - I know mine never missed a beat but I was stock with sticky rubber and more worried about being low and slow

I am currently running an h190 axle (stock 4cy 5speed) behind a small block and turbo 350 - that thing gets NO LOVE from me every time I take it out haha - no noises or anything out of the ordinary after a bunch of months - its similar in size to a gm 7.5 which lived behind plenty of V8's (albeit the gas crisis later years of the 'muscle car' era) ... rears can definitely take a beating. As street ruler said - traction is whats going to get you haha
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yah if you stick a launch, thats when everything BUT the tires has to give. However, nissan rear ends are kinda known to be more robust than others. the R200 diff was a monster. you can blow a honda rear diff in a single launch on street tires.

drivetrain soup.
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Most of my experience is from the 80's 300zx, but they use similar parts.

N/A 300's use the 71C transmission with a different front half on the case to mount to the vg30e, gear ratios are different but effectively the same internals. It is not recommended to run much more than 400whp/tq when running the vg30/33et engines. The input shaft likes to shatter at or above this power. This transmission is found behind the s13/s14/KA24 & z24 Hardbody/SR20/RB20 and a variant called the 71B is found in the z20/z22/z24 datsuns.

The later model 300zx turbo cars (starting part way through 87 and lasting to 89) got the 30a transmission. Also found in vg equipped hardbodies, frontiers, and z32s. This is supposed to be a much stronger transmission, as the z31 guys claim 600-650whp/tq is daily drive-able. Cars like Ray Smelich's z32 is running 856 whp on the street with this transmission. Durable and will survive more than you can realistically throw at it.

Early 300zx turbo models (84-mid87) run a t-5 trans mated to the vg30et. you could use one of these in the trucks, but they are commonly regarded as glass and not worth the effort. The bellhousing can be used to run a t-5 world class or a t-56, so that part is useful. The stock t-5 is similar to the ones used in the 280zx(I know the turbo ones had it, not sure about non-turbo) and Ford Mustangs of the era (until 95?). Again biggest difference will be the bellhousings.
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Rear axles

The Hardbody came with 3 different rear axles and a multitude of axle ratios.

the H190 is the smallest and was found in the 2wd 4cyl Hardbodies. I don't have anything bad to say about it, the ones in my 720s held up to a lot of abuse with the z20/z22 engines and the hybrid z22 bottom end z20 top end frankenstein i built. Keep in mind I don't think I ever pushed more than 125hp through it, but I never broke anything with daily abuse.

The C200 was available in 4x4 720s, Hardbodies, and Frontiers. The internals will swap with R200 IRS diffs. and the ring gear is interchangeable. I've never used the straight axle, but i assume its not much different from the IRS version. The only downsides to the IRS version are the fact that they rarely came from the factory with a limited slip option and the CV shafts arent great stock. There are aftermarket solutions for these problems however, and I doubt the C200 has similar issues with snapping axles at higher power levels/sticky tires as I think the axles can be made thicker and all one piece. (If anyone has actual info on the C200, please let me know)

The H233B is the granddaddy. 233mm ring gear translates to 9.25 inches, yes bigger than a Ford 9inch that everbody uses for literally everything. Good luck breaking this thing. Came in Frontiers, Pathfinders, and the v6 Hardbodies.


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I've blown plenty of H190's just with a stock ka. Take for granted I was a lil hard on the truck when playing around.
My father had an '87 2 door 4x4 pathfinder, first year out I believe. Anyway, it was a special order for our dealership. It had a nap-z 2.4, 5-speed with manual lock front hubs and a 233 rear with locker controlled by a switch on the dash. Electrical finally nickel and dimed him so off it went after almost 400k on the ticker. True beast. I've never seen another combo like that.
Looking for a project extended cab again....
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