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Default How to: Custom taillights

Hey ya'll,
I've been blessed with missing out on all the ebay taillights over the simple years back in 03'-09'. I first saw a set of 'black chrome altezzas' and knew these were the ones. It was a sad day when Ebay stated, "does not ship to Canada". Before knowing about the sub contracted shipping companies (ie: MyUS), I've finally been able to order taillights I've always wanted.

Step 1: sign up for a shipping company that sublets shipping to your country of origin

Step 2: pick the lens style you want (I couldn't find a clear stock looking dimple effect, so I ordered the Nissan Navara's that don't fit USDM as stated) and get charged up the ying yang for import and duty fees due to the shipping company f#$%ing up the actual value taillights for twice the amount paid haha. Begin ripping them apart, CAREFULLY. I first broke the back and pushed gently from the inside out to pop the lens off. Second one I pried carefully on an edge (not the corners!) and pushed from the inside out.

Step 3: reflect on the old clear altezzas

Step 4: see if you like them with the old custom 'lens removed' (broke, cracked) gold paint combo

Step 5: Paint, choose the color you love and start prep and paint

Step 6: check if the combo works

Step 7: apply a few more coats until your happy. Seal the lens on in a couple spots with any plastic weld epoxy so it doesn't fly off on the hwy. At the same time, make it waterproof by adding a nice bead of silicone around the edge. Press on the lens, clamp it, tidy up any gobs of sealer, and allow to dry 24hrs or whatever is recommended for the silicone. And presto chang-o, custom taillights no one else in the world has.

Be sure to save all hardware and new gasket material to swap onto your old altezzas. Or simply pop the lens off your new clear taillights and paint/reseal.
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In hindsight I should have removed the old red reflector and light covers then installed red LED's..
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Very cool.
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this is the content i like to see.
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