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Default 2011 Ford Ranger Sport

I have a question for all of you.
I have a chance to buy a 2011 Ford ranger sport with all the bells and whistle‘s. And it is truly a buy from a little old lady.
The truck has 30,000 miles on it it has been sitting for about seven months with an empty tank. The exterior of the truck is in extremely good condition as you might expect. The lady about seven months ago fell and broke her hip and her neighbors were starting the vehicle until it ran out of gas. I have diagnosed it back to needing a new fuel pump.
Just looking for what you all think a good price, fair price would be to offer to her.
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The floor's the limit. If it won't start you have a lot more bargaining power. First, are you sure it's the fuel pump and not something else like the relay or the immobilizer (Ford PATS system cuts power to the fuel pump if the transponder key isn't detected)? Turn the key on and look for the theft light on the instrument cluster...it should go out within a few seconds. If it stays illuminated you probably have a problem with the immobilizer. Also go into the power distribution box under the hood and jump the relay (or swap it with another one) and listen for the fuel pump before you condemn it. Obviously put some gas in it first lol.
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