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I just got one out of an 87 hb at the junkyard..i hope its the same..
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Originally Posted by SkinnyG View Post
V6 and 4 cyl pumps are different. Whether pathy & hardbody pumps are different within the same engine, I don't know.
I did 90% of the a/c intsalls at the dealership before I retired in 93, all the counter guy wanted ti know was it a 4 or a 6 cy and the year.
About the time 134 came out the high side hose to the condenser fitting was changed, the hose looked the same but the part that went into the condenser was a different size.
Hope this helps
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I know this post is old but wat did the dual pressure switch connect to? I just got a condesor and drier from another hardbody and I had to splice the connector from the drier and connected it to another connector on the firewall. so im trying to find out why my compressor isnt turning on
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The dual pressure switch is on the top rear side of the Drier. It connects to a connector that should be taped to its wire behind the rad support. All the wires should be there - just gotta look for them.

If you don't have any pressure, your compressor won't turn on. Though that might not be your problem.
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On the FSM for my 89 it says that the A/C relay is located LH inner fender near the ignition coils!!
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I have a/c but it doesn't shoot cold air it actually hasn't worked since 99.....so im guessing its a leak? I have no idea where to start looking.
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How Did you take off the climate control face to get the A/C push button in place? and take the blanking cover off?
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The blank cover pops off, and to remove the climate control face you pop off the radio/center bezel by removing two screws from it and pulling it off and removing any connectors for the blinkers, dim switch and then you pull the knobs off of the switches and you should be able to pull it off with a slight tug.
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I know this is kind of an old thread, But I'm putting in a/c on my 97 and it has never had air before. I bought a new drier for it but it doesn't have the spot for the dual pressure switch? will I need it with the new drier? and I also cannot find anywhere that I can order the hose that goes from the evaporator to suction line.....any suggestions??? thanks!
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Hello! i just instal the a/c on my 88 hardbody following this tread and it blows ice cold. the only problem i have is when the outside temp its around 90 or 100 degrees my truck overheats only with the a/c on. i replace the thermostat and water pump about 6 months ago. did any one knows if an electric fan can fix this issue??
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