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time is running out...
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FYI. I had a 93? obd1 VG30. headers were flippable and reversible... top mount turbo?
also the rods are forged I hear?
was super good on power with bed.fenders.fenderwalls removed.
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4/86 SE-V6 2 tone 4x4 HB
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Shorty headers? If I were to flip my long tubes they would stick a foot out the grill.
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Old thread, and I didn't see it mentioned but often overlooked. But for the record, regardless of cams and headers and such... Biggest performance gain I made to my VG was turning the timing up. As far as I'm concerned if you're not worried about fuel economy or 400k mile engine longevity, you can max the distributor out and you'll see some significant gains, as long as you can readjust the idle back down. Not recommended for everyone though.
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The Gear Jammer
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Yeah the VG loves timing.
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Does anyone have the pacesetters (70-1197) on a 4x4 auto? Just wondering if they have the same fitment issues as the 5-speed where you have to cut the y-pipe.
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