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Originally Posted by dethrow View Post
So, I also came across a parts truck, but it is 4x4 and mine is 4x2. Someone said something about the torsion bars being different in the two, or are they the same, can anyone tell me? Also - If I got the 4x4 parts truck and the transmission, etc is good, does anyone know how difficult it is to swap to 4x4 from 4x2?
The 4x4 torsion bars are very different from the 2x4 torsion bars. In fact, the 2x4 torsion bars are about 2x as long.

This has to do with the 4x4 suspension and axle up front, which is going to be a different design than what the 2x4 trucks have.
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I have a matching pair of stock torsion bars and keys for sale.
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