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Originally Posted by kellybig View Post
The black/silver offset On frame looks excellent.
When I started this, the frame was powder coated a nice dark grey. So I was gonna paint the parts hanging on the frame a nice Smoke grey with rattle cans. Then things took a change when I got screwed on the powder coat job, Decided I was gonna make the frame silver like I wanted in the first place. Since I was making the bottom of bed and cab black, I thought this would look really good. Engine is gonna be a little darker silver(easier to find leaks) with Purple and drak grey accents. Interior is gonna be a stockish grey with seats getting redone with all three colors of accents that are present on the truck so far.
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Originally Posted by david29 View Post
I spent alot of time making the new cross member (black one) that I dont think I will change it. Im not a fabricator. So i wasnt thinking that well back then. LOL!!!
Hindsight is 20/20, even for a fabricator.
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