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so been fighting the truck a bit the last couple of weeks - ignition issues... ran through the whole system and replaced everything that Jegs had a chinesium version of, ran good for a bit but started missing and acting up again. Ended up at a buddies garage with a bunch of mechanics hammering away at the thing, found some brand new plug wires burned, tweaked on timing and carb etc etc etc... got the parts swapped out and the thing is running GREAT - can blow the 18's off from a roll again

Local law enforcement was not quite as impressed lol... surprised it took this long to get my first performance achievement award in this thing

Cop was cool haha, 'I don't care, but can't be doing that in front of me with all these other drivers around' ... wouldn't have done it if I saw ya ha!
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At least it was just a warning lol
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