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Default Front suspension redo

I though I would do this to share my experience. 3 years ago I replaced the front suspension on my truck. At this time I used advance auto ball joints and tie rod ends. I rebuilt the idler arm and used an autozone center link. I also installed energy suspension bushings.
I did all this to save money, except for the bushings. At install the inner tie rod ends from advance didn't mesh well with the autozone CL. Used autozone inners and all was well. Also used energy suspension tie rod boots all around.
After a while the truck just didn't feel tight. Ball joint boots lasted about six months. Keep everything greased and held it together.
Decided it was time to redo it and do it right. All moog everything. Replaced the idler arm with the updated moog one and did sway a way torsions this time. Didn't skimp this time.
The balljoints and outer tierods were trashed. The inners and CL still seemed ok.
1. Save the money and buy good parts. The quality difference is worth it.
2. Plan ahead and make sure your ready. Write down all the torques on one sheet of paper so you don't have to search.
3. I regreased all the bushings that I came in contact with. I got 8oz of formula 5 from ES and also used it on faces of all boots. Torsions also and so far no squeaks.
4. I don't recommend using the ES tie rod boots. Spindles cut into the outers and the inners squeaked on the CL. May have been cheap tierods but not taking the chance.
5. If you can do the torsions. Well worth the money. Got mine for 180. Cheapest I could find.
Hope this helps someone.

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