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Default How to turn on fog lights whenever.

Hey guys, I have the OEM switch and harness to some fog lights I just put on, they're all wired up and working but I noticed that my fog switch won't power on unless my headlights are turned on all the way. I'm kinda ignorant on electrical stuff but is it possible to make it that I can just switch on my fogs whenever I want without my headlights being on?
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Scott Turchin
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Yup, front right headlight should have a vampire connection, denotes it has power and allows fog lights to come on.

Wire that to accessories switch (or harness there of) and then it will provide one of two required power sources for your relay when you turn the truck on, allowing you to turn ON the foglights by switch..

In some states it is illegal, hence it should be on the LOW beam, which turns the fog lights off on high beams. I wired mine exactly as Nissan suggested for that legal reason....
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In most states it is illegal to run with high beams and those who use them when it is not foggy need to be flogged. Cant count how many people run around here with their fog lights on all the time. Blinds the piss out of everyone as fog lights do not follow the same beam pattern and positioning as headlights.
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