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Originally Posted by cadillacdude1975 View Post
also ordered a trans filter kit.

Cool thing about these auto trans is that they have a torque converter drain so you can do a really thorough fluid change without much hassle. Last time I did an auto trans service was on my IS300. Luckily that car had a dipstick unlike a lot of vehicles from that era on. I drained the pan and then flushed the fluid from the trans cooler line with the engine running about 2qt at a time, turn off, top off 2qts, repeat until nice, clean red fluid came out.

And speaking of which, check the trans cooler lines while you're doing a trans service. Probably not an issue, but a buddy with a S124 had one bust while he was on the way back from a road trip to bang some girl in Bakersfield. Luckily he wasn't far from where I live when it happened so I picked him up and we got one from the yard so he could drive home and not miss work the following day. Turns out whoever reinstalled them last time, prob when they changed radiator, cranked it and it kinked and eventually ruptured.

After putting the LED bulbs in the Hardbody I got the fever and decided to put them in the W201 brake lights (have had them in the running lights for a while now). Had to do same shit as in the truck to prevent the LED brake lights affecting other systems (ABS in the truck, cruise control in the Benz) and ran an incandescent bulb in parallel with the brake lights. I tried the same tiny little 1W W124 idiot light that worked on the truck, but that wasn't enough draw to fool the CC. Ended up using spare 194 sockets from Hardbody corner lights I had. So now the Hardbody has a Benz light in its tail and the Benz has Hardbody lights in its.

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replaced both lower ball joints today. wasnt too bad. i did find out it was much easier to remove the front shock when reinstalling the spindles. it steers much better, but there is still some play int he font end. i guess it needs the tie rods and center link.

but most of all........the damn squeaking is gone.
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