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Default 93 hb 2.4 wont stay running

Hi all newbie with questions.
Working on a pickup that has been sitting 11 years - supposed to have been running fine when parked.
Started with flushing the nasty tank & replaced fuel pump. Removed fuel filter for now. Also cleaned throttle body, mouse had nested there.
It will start & rev for about 2 minutes then die like running out of fuel.
What to look at next ?
Thinking maybe fuel pressure regulator?
Dont want to throw unnecessary new parts at it.
Thanks, Robert
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Which engine do you have? Fuel Pressure regulator could certainly be one option. Is your ECU throwing any codes?
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Default 2.4 4cyl

Engine is 2.4 4 cylinder. Havent checked ecu - no dash lights lit up.
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Your ECU is located under the passenger seat.

Download the factory service manual and start with the basic maintenance to rule out any issues that might be causing running issues.

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Thanks PorknBeans! That will keep me busy awhile - a no hurries project but will now start off on right foot!
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Hey Bobby,

You have the KA24e engine.

You need to replace that fuel filter ASAP. If you run the engine without it, any garbage will be stopped at the injectors instead of at the filter.

The description you give sounds like something is partially clogged because it runs at first but cannot continue. It could be the air filter, the fuel filter, the injectors, or the catalytic converter.

Like PorknBeans pointed out, you should grab a Nissan Truck Service Manual. Specifically, you want this one:


There were no major changes in the configuration between 1990 and 1993. You are in luck in that you have the changeover year. Nissan kept putting the 1990 parts on the vehicles until they ran out, and then they started using parts from the newer design that they started in 1994. Some people call your year model the Bastard Year or you can look at it as a Surprise Bag or a piece of candy out of a box of chocolates. I'm rambling. Anyway....

Download that 1990 manual, and find the EF&EC section. It has lots of pictures that are very helpful. Look over the intro, but you can skip over the whole VG30e V6 section and go straight to the KA24e 4-cylinder section.

After it describes where all of your parts are and the basic function of each major part, it will go into the theory of how the engine works. I've tried reading it, but I always find something better to do - so skip over it for now. Keep going until you get to the part on how to troubleshoot the engine. There will be a chart with a list of problems and how to fix them. Pick the issue that describes what you are experiencing the most, and go to that section.

It will give you basic stuff to try out. Typically, that solves your problem.

If it does not, then you need to try pulling the codes. The Check Engine Light (CEL) only turns on whenever there are issues with the Emissions (I think it was the only federal mandate back then). If the CEL is not showing, it does not mean you don't have any codes. To read the codes, you have to count the blinks on the ECU located under the passenger's seat. I have a link to how to read the codes with a video in my signature below.

Good luck!
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Factory Service Manuals: https://www.nicoclub.com/FSM/Hardbody/
Walk-through: Checking Nissan Trouble Codes
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