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Default Gas a just shocks question

Hello, I was wondering if anyone can share with their experience with KYB gas a just shocks on their 2wd d21? How was the rise too stiff or harsh? Thanks.
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I have the excel g’s on my pathfinder. It rides real nice on the highway. They do ok off road. Mine is more a daily driver so I do not go crazy when I do trail ride.
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I run the KYB Ecel-G models on all four corners and find them a bit soft for my liking. My truck is my daily driver, so these Excel-G models are a nice cushy ride on the highway. The white bodied KYB Gas-Adjust models are high pressure nitrogen gas. They hold like crazy in hard turns. But be warned that they are VERY stiff and will rattle the teeth out of your mouth! These model shocks LOVE weight on them. Excellent for weight in the bed. Really holds the load well. But with the shocks unloaded and fully extended…wear a kidney belt! They even lifted my ‘89 D21 up about 1.5”! I was able to run a 28x8.5x14 Winston Tire(when Winston Tire was still around) and still had ample wheel well gap for desert Pre-Running. I guess it just depends on what you’re using your vehicle for.
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QA1 single adjustable shocks are the best you can get. Aluminum bodies with 18 points of Rebound/Dampening. Not to mention they are rebuildable. Want to track your truck one day? No problem. Turn the nobs to the appropriate setting. Want the Cadillac ride the next day? No problem.
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