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I've looked through a bunch of threads and can't find the answer I'm looking for. Sorry if I post in the wrong section...
I have a '92 KA24e -(D21) with a bad 5 speed (surprised?). I have been to many JYs and ALL of the D21s are missing 5 speed trannys. All autos are still there, but 5 speeds? NONE.
Can anyone tell me which bellhousing bolt patterns are the same as the KA24? I am not concerned about driveshaft, shifter or any other issues. I can make all of the neccessary mods.
Better yet, anyone have a D21 5 speed for sale?
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s13 5 speed will fit but the shifter will be really far back...
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i have a 5 speed i want to get rid of too bad your so far away!
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Upgrade to a Z32 box and hit up Xcessive for the adaptor kit. Looking at their home page photo, They might have a shifter that goes directy into the box where the cover plate is, instead of the original wishbone set up.


Originally Posted by -CRUISER- View Post
I didn't see it any where but i have a few questions...

Does all this only apply to KA24DE blocks?

Can you swap a DOHC head onto the SOHC block and vice versa?

Other than the Block Stiffener in the S13 Block, what make this block superior if any?

Got a 510 Project coming up with a KA swap
It can be done, but it's more headache than it's worth. Going from my piss poor memory from what I read somewhere months ago, grinding and welding for journal matching is required. Timing gear needs to be sorted too. As you may already know, SOHC heads typically have the cam in the centre of the head running rockers to the valves, the DOHC looks like an after thought design based off the SOHC. It has the 2 cam gears in the typical location over the valves, then an idler gear where the SOHC cam would be. A short chain runs around the 3 gears. From that idler gear runs a second timing chain to the crank. I think having the DOHC head on the SOHC block also raises the compression from 8.6:1 to some ridiculous amount. Might be ok for N/A, but no good if you want to turbo it. Sorry I can't be much more help than that. From what I've googled, there's no tech answers, just everyone saying don't bother. Pissed that I can't find the write up about how to do it.

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Is there a way to tell if the motor is a S13 or S14?
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Default Ka24de

There's seems to be a few questions off topic and I realize that this is for the KA24E. But most of you seem to be knowledgeable in a lot of areas.

Sooo I have an 89 D21, and I've found a KA24DE fully assembled with trans, ECU and harness from a 93 240.

Other than the oil pan mod, dipstick relocating, and motor mounts is there anything else that I'm missing in my scenario? Thanks

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do you use the d21 oil pump pickup??
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Are the heads the same between the 2 motors? From what I've seen, the PS pulley mount is the same as well as the PS pump mount.
My stable of Nissan trucks includes:
1987 Nissan King Cab(full frame off Restoration).
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My question has more to do with swappin trans than swapping motors, can i use a 240sx auto trans behind a truck ka24e? If not what other rwd nissan trans will bolt up. Its a 96 motor goin into a 89 hb 2wd
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solution.....just drop a ka24e from a hardbody lol
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