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Default fan clutch question

How do you check to see if your fan clutch is working properly?Please forgive the dumb questions.Should you be able to turn the fan at all by hand ?I am reading thru the forum posts and trying to make a to do list to restore my 96 d21 5 spd to its former glory.Anyone got a housing for the driver side tag light? I'll mail a couple of nice little pen knives { you know the size you can carry in your pocket w/o being uncomfortabe} in swap.Thanks in advance!
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turn it by hand? yes, but not too much. if it spins very free, then its bad. with the engine at normal temp, it should be engaged, meaning it should be hard to turn. if you were to push a blade with the engine off after its been running, the blades shouldnt turn no more than a couple of inches then stop.
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