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Another trick is to do your brakes fully....ONE side at a time. That way you can go back to the other one and look to see how it goes back together.

Back brakes last longer than front pads because when you stop, you also put most of the vehicle weight forward, wearing the front faster than the rear.

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i used the truck around the farm today, pretty short, heavy hauls, minimal breaking, no heat to the left pad by the end of the day, doesn't really say much. i will probably just find new calipers, but am curious whether or not the work i did actually freed up some minor build up from sitting so much this winter.

thanks for all the help in understanding this system.


what's with the squealing belt sound when the steering wheel is turned to extreme left or extreme right? there is sufficient and clean power steering fluid...
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p.s. i still can't figure out the diagnostics, nothing seems to get the thing to stop flashing 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66 repeatedly into perpetuity....
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Your ECU is cycling through the different diagnostic modes repeatedly. It'll do that until you select one. The trick is to turn the dial or flip the switch back once it's on the one you want (in this case, probably 3 or 5). Jp2code has a good video in his signature on how to check codes.

New calipers are not too bad online...I think I paid around $70 shipped for both.

The belt squealing has to do with it slipping when there's an excessive load on the power steering system. You could try tightening up the belt a little bit and see if it helps. The noise could also be coming from the pump itself but that's usually more of a whine than a squealing noise. It's normal to have a bit of steering noise when the wheel is turned all the way in one direction.

Hope this helps!
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Link to video is below. Your ECU should be more like the video that Deerhurst provided, but I think my video goes into more detail.
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The old ECM like mine is very very simple and not well documented.

Yours is basically better than mine in every way. It also have 5 modes. You can monitor your A/F ratios, TPS, etc all the way to pulling codes. You can also do a remote code display. You will turn the dial to the mode you want then read what it shows you. The FSM should show that. I believe the Chilton's does too.

Mine has an unlabeled switch that you have to guess which way is codes. And your ECM has a bunch of internal improvements such as static memory. Mine forgets everything when you turn off the key. Yours can retain info. Stuff like that.
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