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When I go out its' usually for a couple days so also these are only vehicle things not camping items. Plus we always go out in groups and we spread the gear across other vehicles. But here is our check list off the top of my head:

First Aid (mandatory for all vehicle to be equipped with a kit)
31x10.5 minimum tire size
2x Hi-Lift jack
Any parts known to fail
Manual lug wrench
Spare tire
Sledge hammer
Jumper cables
tire plug kit
Full set Socket
Full set Wrench
Tow strap/s
Fire extinguisher
large knife
handgun/ holster
USB chargers and adapters
Mounted /Video Camera
and of course RUM!!!
Got to have RUM-
inebriation must happen!!!!
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all my guns in case the zombie apocalypse starts while your out fucking about
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Powder Wash Kid
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I travel over 400 miles to and from work every week to ten days.
First thing in my truck when I travel is my Springfield XD 45 loaded and with an extra magazine.
If going off road a lever rifle, usually in 45-70 or 12ga shotgun with 00 buck and slugs. Bears and big cats in my neck of the woods.
Cell phone is a must.
Cold weather gear and snow boots
Bow saw, axe and fire starter.
Then all the other stuff mentioned within reason.
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