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Quick stupid question on the radius rods, what size socket do I need to take it loose from the body. The largest size socket I have is a 21MM and its way to small. If someone remembers off hand it would be great that way I can just get what size I need and not have to fool with it.
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Originally Posted by Tally HB View Post
I just did all of this to my D21. I used Permatex Synthetic Disc Brake Caliper Lube as a grease. It is very thick and sticky. No squeaks so far.

Also, just a tip . . .

On the front lower control arm bushings, the ones in that are actually in the cross member, do not destroy the metal sleeve that surrounds the rubber bushing. That needs to stay inside the frame. Ask me how I know.

I had to make a sleeve for the first one I done because I had no instructions and I did not realize that sleeve needed to stay there. I used the metal rock guard off of an old shock absorber to make a sleeve. I cut the round tube to length, split it down its length and cut it until it could be reduced in radius enough to fit into the frame hole.

I noticed that some bushing kits come with metal sleeves on them but mine did not.
I know it has been stated before in other posts, but I am glad you let everyone know this fact.
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Just did this poly upgrade. Just an FYI, I for some reason thought that the two bolts connecting the lower c/a to the Radius Rod/Strut rod, threaded into an already welded nut inside the lower control arm...NOPE. It has two loose nuts inside the c/a that you need to hold with a short 14mm wrench. Oh and btw the socket size or wrench size to the big front nut is 24mm or 15/16.
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great write up!! I installed the leaf spring kit havent gotten to the front waiting to figure out if im going with a-arm swap when i bag it
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Can anyone tell me if the leaf bushings will work in belltech leaves?
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I do not believe they will, Belltech uses different eyelets.
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Don't know if it has been posted before but Energy now has a Master set for The D21
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Originally Posted by C_Case View Post
mine's a complete shitheap, bought from a guy who hacked it, who bought it from a complete retard.
i put 3k on it with a horrible rod knock before it barfed up a tranny.
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Originally Posted by CasanovaGDP View Post
Can anyone tell me if the leaf bushings will work in belltech leaves?
I ran through this process few month ago.
The BellTech comes with their poly bushings. Since my rear shackle and front pivot pin were very rusted and loose in bushing, I built a new set using standard components that fit tight in bushing sleeves.
I only used the ES poly bushing (from the D21 kit) in the frame.

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Originally Posted by rob_fed View Post
I know it has been stated before in other posts, but I am glad you let everyone know this fact.
that's an interesting and critical point when getting control arm bushings! Everyone be careful to note if the outer metal sleeve is on the bushing or not! I went to 2 automotive stores here on the big island and one had the bushing no sleeve and one had the busing with it (orielly vs napa) i naturally went with the one with the new sleeve aswell for the same price however i ended up using a ball joint press to get the new metal sleeve in!! that fucker is tight!
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I just completed replacement of all my bushings front and rear. It was a lot of work. I also rebuilt my front end with all new stuff. The lower control arm was the worst. I used the Energy Suspension kit. I burned out the lower bushing with my propane torch kit form harbor freight. I drilled out what I could, this helped.
The upper arm I drilled out and cut out the lip and grabbed the sleeve, and twisded it with vice grips. They came out relatively clean. Not much fuss.

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