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Default 06 Titan is blowing at high speed....

Well the other day I was driving on the highway and all of a sudden, the a/c went full blast. I tried to move the switch to a lower speed and nothing.
I called the stealership and they would charge me 98 bucks just to tell me what the problem is. Is there anything that I can check before I take it to get checked. I know that there are some resistors on it somewhere, please help before I get robbed...lol!! Thanks in Advance!!

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There is a blower resister close to the blower motor under the dash on the passengerside. No way to check it but replace it. normally that is what happens when they blow only on high speed.
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^^ same thing. you can generally check resistors with an ohm meter, but it still has to be replaced to work.
look at an fsm from the early 90s, same technology, better diy manual. i think the sentra/nx had the info i looked up.
I read repair manuals.

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That resister is a very common problem wth titans. Part# is 27151-ZW00A if you call your local nissan dealership
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Its called a VBC and is most likely the cause. its squarish with a black plastic top and a big aluminum heat sink that sticks into blower box by the blower motor
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