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Default Update

Looking back on old posts. I can tell you what was really happening now.

The timing was off. Looked right but wasn't.

When I did my timing belt I discovered the woodruf key on the crank sprocket had worn a grove in the crank and 50% of the key. So the sprocket was off about the width of the key. This was more than just timing, the crank was out of time with the heads.

I corrected the issue by grinding the crank a little deeper and longer then using a slightly oversize key. I then filled in the worn notch with instantsteel. The repair has held for a few years.
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how common is this woodruff key wearing issue?
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Originally Posted by urimashe View Post
how common is this woodruff key wearing issue?
I have been on this forum for a while, and he's the first person I've ever heard of having that issue.

I wonder if his timing belt or timing chain slipped, causing his valves to crash into the pistons at some point.

That's the only kind of engine bind I can imagine causing that.
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run the tank damn near empty then pour a gallon of denatured alcohol in the tank. them go get it checked immediately.
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