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Did you reuse the old airbag bolts or use new ones?
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Originally Posted by ol' skool View Post
Got the air bag off and a iron bar mounted on rubber was clanking around under it. 2 of the 3 rubber 'pins' were rotted.

All I can tell is this is for balance I guess cause it doesn't seem to do anything, no electrical contacts, not mounted on anything else except the steering wheel.

Can I pitch this thing?
I would not recommend removal/disposal of that bar. Nissan put that there for a reason, I would bet it is to prevent you from damaging the backside of the airbag assembly with over zealous use, punching, of the horn or such. I would not want to be the one who's hand is blown off by a premature detonation, or maybe not having the airbag when you need it.

peace, Wolf
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has anyone ever seen an air bag pop on a D21?
mine was wrecked hard in front when got it and didn't deploy.

every wrecked one I see on clist or in junk yard that is smashed the airbag isn't deployed.

I guess if you crashed hard enough and it deploys I dont think it will do any good..lol

p.s. I dremeled that p.o.s saftey torx bolt nub out so i could get an allen wrench in there to take them out.
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Glad I did a Search before I asked about the airbag. Yeah. I'm ditching mine, too.

Like I'm REALLY going to trust an airbag to deploy properly after its been sitting in that steering wheel since 1997.

LOL...not a chance in hell. That sucker is going, going, GONE. In a quick-fast New York hurry. Thanks to posting up the safe way to do it.

1997 King Cab XE, 5-sp, canopy, AC/PS, KA24E, 117,000 miles. Need a technical manual? Drop me a message. Chilton's for amateurs.
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Don't forget to pull the SRS bulb in the cluster.
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