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Originally Posted by Tropicalcats View Post
I need a step by step on door removal and re install. Pictures would be great
1) Remove the wiper arms 12mm socket. Hold tight and wiggle the arms off.
2) Remove the cowl (plastic push pins)
3) Remove front bumper( inner fender front frame 2 12mm bolts)
4) Remove the marker light then remove all 10mm fender bolts.
5) Go inside under the fuse box and disconnect the speaker connector, poke the A pillar grommet off with a butter knife(trust me)
6) punch out the pin thingy
7) Roll window down shut door and Loosen the four 12mm hinge bolts. Get a pry too or chisel and punch through the dry seam sealer holding the hinges on to the a pillar structure.
8) finally remove the hinge bolts open the door and remove from the body
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