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Default Lowering question!

Whatsup everyone, I got a 1997 nissan pickup lowered with belltech drop spindles and blocks kit. After lowering it, it still has about a 4 inch gap on the rear and 2 inch gap on the front. Iíve seen other pickups with the same wheel specs 195/50/15 that are flush. So, any advice on what I should do to eliminate the wheel gap and lower the truck more? Thanks!
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In the front you can adjust the torsion bars to lower it some more. In the back you can get 4" blocks or you can redrill the hangers. There's a sticky on redrilling hangers.
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Belltech also sells a drop leaf spring but Iíve heard there can be an issue with the driveline binding? Has anyone used them before?
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Hi Gold,
I have the Belltech spindles and the Belletech rear 3" springs. I also have done the redrill of the rear spring perch.

I did have my carrier bearing go out and measured all of my driveline angles, because of the bearing failure. I did end up putting in a 3degree shim from don't remember where to get the driveline back to correct. I think that was because of the redrill+the springs.....

I think there are lots of other posts here about the Belltech springs, that have had no problems ever......

Truly I think that my redrill was done a little bit too far to the rear of the truck which caused the driveline angles to go askew. Also I redid the whole suspension before I ever drove the truck. When I got the truck it was torsion bar cranked to drop the front with no bumpstops front or rear, and 4inch angled blocks with (I think) a leaf removed to drop the rear. There was only about 3/8ths of an inch of axle travel in the rear before the frame and axle made contact. To add to that with 130k miles I have no idea if the original carrier bearing was ever replaced, but judging by the condition of other things on the truck I suspect that it was not.

Even still I never have had binding, even under heavy acceleration.
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Im looking at buying a 2001-2004 frontier and i have a question, what drop/mods where done to this truck and what rims are those? Im asking because this is basically what i want on mine. I had a frontier before ans lowered using 2 inch blocks and also front torsion bars, then i went with the belltech street shocks and never had a problem with it. Im looking at buying another one since i will be needing a truck soon to move around car parts (supras getting built ☺️ ) any input would be helpful. In advance thanks and aorry to jack thread, didnt want to make a new one

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I too have the Belltech Dropped Spindles & 3" Dropped Leaf Springs, without the Redrill. The only problem I have is Destroying of every Shocks, Short Body or otherwise, within a year. I think I am going go back to the stock rear leaf springs & just take out a Leaf of my stock springs, let it sag a little lower than stock & adjust the front torsion bars to level the truck. It should be a little lower than stock & I think it will allow me to run stock sized KYB Monomax Shocks?
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