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Default Fs5r30a to ka24e?

I've got a 94 d21 4cyl 5mt 2wd. So I thought i saw somewhere that the z31/V6 D21 fs5r30a transmission could have its bellhousing swapped from a vg to a ka motor but I cant seem to find the article again. I know the V6 D21 and pathfinders transmission is a fs5r30a, a long with a handful of other vehicles, they're cheap and can hold power. I'm assuming those are the closest length and size to the FS5W71C transmission so I was going to look for those. Ultimately, the truck is getting a 1uzfe ls400 swap and I was going to use the "1uzfe to ka trans" adapter plate kit since ka24e and ka24de's are the same bolt pattern. So in theory if the fs5r30a has the fs5w71c bellhousing, I can use the adapter plate. I guess my questions are:

1. Is it even possible to swap the bellhousing from a FS5W71C to a fs5r30a?

2. If so, is there a better "match up" fs5r30a from a specific vehicle that can keep the mount in the same spot and not change the driveshaft?

3. Anyway to even make the fs5r30a work in the d21?

Thanks for the info.
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Every V6 hardbody with a 5 speed has the FS5R30a.

No, it won't bolt onto a 4cyl. My tranny doesn't have a removable bellhousings. The bell housing is huge. It's alsmost as big as the engine motor.

If you want to mate it to a 4 banger you are pretty well stuck with the 4cyl tranny.

Check out Z car stuff too. The FS5R30a is found behind the twin turbo 300zx.
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