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Default Transmission "Hydro shift"

Here's a strange one. We've been having a bit of rain here in the southeast, flooding has been a problem in some areas.

(Automatic RWD Hardbody with a recently rebuilt transmission and a new/remanufactured engine)

While driving down the road going about 35mph I hit a rather large puddle, a huge wave came over the passenger side of the truck and I could feel the force of the water on the underside. As soon as the water hit, the transmission shifted into neutral and I coasted to a stop. I put it in park, pulled the parking brake, released the parking brake and put it into drive. The truck was immediately fine and I drove it for the rest of yesterday without any issue.
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The water knocked the shift lever on the trans back into N and the button on the mechanism prevented it from going any further like it's supposed to.
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